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Dogs and Moving House

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Moving house is stressful for most people, there are boxes everywhere, nothing is where it should be and you’re in and out like a yoyo.

Now think of this scenario from you dogs perspective, we can’t tell them what is going on, so how do we prepare them for it and keep their stress levels to a minimum?

  • 1-We tend to start packing quite prematurely as there is so much to get done! Try and leave the main (dog used) room until last and keep the boxes out. This will ensure the dogs have a familiar routine and environment to relax in whilst chaos ensues around them.
  • 2-If you don’t already, add blankets to the dog’s main resting areas. This will allow us to transfer these familiar smelling settle blankets to the new house when the time comes.
  • 3-At the first possible opportunity, take your dog to see the new house and area. Allow them to explore at their own pace, the different flooring, rooms, levels and smells. Add one of their smelly blankets if the house is unoccupied. The more times you can visit before the move the better!
  • 4-Day of the move, schedule a playdate with friends of family so that whilst the house is being emptied your dog is none the wiser.
  • 5-Keep your routine as close as possible to the usual. This will help the dog(s) settle quicker and acclimatise to their new environment.
  • 6-If your dog is very unsettled and clearly anxious/stressed there are many natural supplements that can help alleviate this. A few options are (Adaptil, Pet Remedy and Valerian.

Any questions?