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I can put my hands up and say this is the biggest issue I have when training my own dogs. I have seen many people upset, frustrated and their dogs training pushed backwards, by people that do not manage their own dogs properly. As a result I am over careful with my own dogs. At first glance this doesn't seem like a bad thing does it? However, when you take the choices away from the dog, they never practice being rewarded for making the right choice and as a result never progress. You end up stuck in the never ending circle of management until you are pushed to take the plunge. As long as you have put the training into your dog, know their triggers and what the worse case scenario is at any given time, you are ready to stop micromanaging them in suitable situations. Let them make their own choice and find out for themselves what the implications are.

Tactical Tips: 

  • Take their favorite treats.
  • Go with someone else to keep your mind occupied.
  • Think ahead.
  • Hold back.