No one is perfect...

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It has come to my attention that to make training your dog more realistic for the public, I need to share with you all the mistakes and difficulties that come with dog training. It is not something you put aside and do for an hour a day, it is a way of interacting with your dog.

All people have days full of stress and frustration which can make our fuses short with our dogs. Just as sometimes our dog could be having a difficult day too. Your dog forgives you ! The best way to make up with your dog and resolve the conflict is to play a fun game with them; get involved!

Anyone that says they have a perfect dog is lying and it is quiet frankly unacceptable and delusional for anyone to portray that dogs have to be perfectly behaved and bombproof. They are thinking, feeling creatures with a mind of their own. We can only guide them as best as we can with our current level of knowledge. So please educate yourself in what your dog is trying to tell you, all dogs speak with their body but only some people know how to listen.

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