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Video Enrichment

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In my line of work, I find that many dogs enjoy watching TV with their humans. There doesn't appear to be a current rhyme or reason for which dogs pick up this ability. However, those dogs that are bred to use sight as a more primary sense, would be more likely.

Dogs eyes register images more quickly than we do, meaning that they where unable to watch old screens as the images would appear as a flicker. However, modern screens show more frames per second allowing them to recognize onscreen images as they would in real life.

Many pet parent already put the radio on for their dogs when they are left, so why not put videos on specifically for your dog?

"DogTV, an HDTV cable channel designed for dogs, interests canines because HDTV has a much higher number of frames per second and is specially colored to accommodate dogs' dichromatic vision, said Dodman, who is the channel's chief scientist."

Problematic reactions

Does your dog bark, poke or jump up at the TV? This is a common occurrence that is triggered through increased levels of arousal in your dog. You may find this is particularly predominant when watching programs of animals moving quickly.


  1. Reward your dog for staying still and quiet whenever possible.
  2. Prevent access to the TV (particularly if your dog is a jumper) using a barricade or lead.
  3. If they bark say "enough", reward them if they stay quiet. If they continue to bark, swiftly but gently remove them from the room OR turn the TV off. Soon they will associate the words "enough" with leaving the room if they do not keep quiet