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When is it OK to say: "its OK my dog is friendly"

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Words of horror for some people and a useful statement for others. Is it ever OK to say "It's OK my dog is friendly"?

There are so many memes and articles about uneducated dog owners using this phrase. I completely agree that it should never be used as an excuse for a dog not being under control. The poster displayed shows clear examples of when it is not OK.

However; many of us that have breeds that are often identified as 'dangerous', have a dog with poor social skills or are wearing a muzzle, may evoke fear or panic in other dog owners. At this point it is OK to say "It's OK my dog is friendly". This is all that is required to help the other owner relax in the situation. Without this phrase you may have a dog owner quickly overreact and panic at the slightest thing; and to be honest very few average dog owners are good at reading dog body language.

Top Tip: Watch your own dog with communicate with the other dog. If your dog doesn't have a problem with them neither should you!

Therefore, it is important not to boycott this phrase just because it has been used too many times as an excuse by inconsiderate people.