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Why I would use R+ even if it was the less effective choice.

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Science says R+ is the most effective training strategy

Many traditional trainers use the excuse of effectivity for using aversives (anything which causes pain, fear or discomfort) in training. Positive reinforcement is rewarding your dog for good behaviour which makes the behaviour more likely to occur, this the best technique in effectively training your dog without detrimental side effects. It has been extensively studied by many animal behaviourists and works across all species. Even if science told me this wasn't the MOST effective way to train, I would still use it. This is because training with aversives inhibits your dogs ability to learn, causes your dog stress, only suppresses behaviour, prevents your dog from trusting you, creates further negative associations and lastly makes your dog scared of YOU !  Even IF there was a quicker way to get results, I would still rather use R+. Therefore, there is no excuse to use aversives in training, especially as this is the best training technique.  

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