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Specialising in the Training and Behaviour of Rescue and Reactive Dogs

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Covering Hertfordshire, Norwich & Norfolk and Sawtry & Peterborough

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Realistic Training for Normal People and Normal Dogs

At Suppawt we understand the importance of building a fun, communicative and trusting relationship with your dog. We celebrate the small successes and embrace that dogs behave in ways that benefit them. Using positive reinforcement allows our dogs to learn which behaviours gain rewards and increases the frequency of these appropriate behaviours.

We promise not to scare or hurt your dog in the name of training. We will provide you with the most up to date and scientifically proven ways of training for your dog. There is no magic wand, but with practice and consistency we can help you change your dogs behaviour for the better.

Brie Clicker

Thoughtful Training

We only use scientifically proven, kind and effective methods of training.


Build Your Relationship

By learning how to effectively communicate with your dog and taking part in fun activities together, you will build a bond that will last a lifetime.

Jasper Cute

Be Realistic

Dogs are not robots, set them up for success!

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