What our clients say about us

Lily dog behaviourist


Founder and Behaviourist

I've been training with Lily now for about 6 months on a 121 basis and I always learn something new each time. She stands out for me because she seems to genuinely understand Luna, what gets her overexcited and frustrated and what training strategies work best to set her up for success. Since training with Lily I feel like I'm better able to connect with Luna and more inclined to have patience when training. My confidence as a handler has grown as a result. I would highly recommend Lily to anyone who wants to build a good relationship with their dog and have some fun in the process.

Tess Torjussen

I contacted Lily as we are struggling with our super excitable large (50kg) dog and his lack of attention around other dogs. We have had a single 1-2-1 consultation and already feel we can achieve our goal of being able to walk our Huey around other dogs without him running off to play! Lily is so kind, reassuring and understanding of the issues we are having with Huey (it causes me a great amount of anxiety when walking him even on a lead as he pulls over to greet other dogs even when it's not reciprocated!) Lily has a wealth of knowledge, we learnt so much during our consultation.We are all looking forward to future classes, supervised walks and hopefully day care with Lily, she is fantastic!

Maddie Daniel

Lily and the team are fantastic, I couldn’t recommend Suppawt Dog training enough! I made contact with Lily before we brought home our rescue dog - Klara. She was really helpful, giving us advice on what to do for the first day home. We’ve done 1-2-1 sessions and have just recently completed Level 1 - Life Skills. Thank you so so so much for giving us the confidence and reassurance with training Klara!

Megan Renouf

Just finished 6 weeks puppy training course. It's made a massive difference to our pup , she gained in confidence and learnt to respond to commands which are taught in a fun way. will definitely go to other classes. Lily and her team are brilliant!

Martin Fletcher

We have a reactive 2 year old lab who lunges and barks at other dogs. From a puppy he has been to training classes and we also sought 121 support from a behaviourist. We were still struggling to get to grips with managing his reactivity. I did a lot of research and learnt that it’s good to find an APBC registered trainer- my search took me to Suppawt and Lily. I contacted Lily with my concerns and she was so quick to respond. We met with her and she instantly understood our situation and could read our dogs behaviour. Within the first hour she was teaching us techniques to directly deal with his reactivity in a way that made sense. She didn’t just tell us what to do but showed us how and explained the reasons behind his behaviour and the techniques. I feel so much more confident in walking my boy and applying these techniques. I feel with Lily’s support we will be able to understand our dog and build a happier and more fulfilling relationship with him. I look forward to continuing our training with Suppawt, applying the techniques and giving my boy the happy life he deserves. It’s taken me a long time to find a trainer who truly understands me and my dog, I feel like I’ve got that with Lily and wish I’d found her sooner!

Amanda Wilson

The course was great and gave us the skills with our puppy to get the confidence to let him off lead and for him to come back when called. He loves his walks even more now being able to run free and even with distractions of other dogs off lead we have the tools to get him to come straight back.No more chasing him round the house to get him in his crate either, just a simple "in your bed" and off he trots!Highly recommend the course.

Angela Sutherland

dan trainer


Dog Trainer

We had Dan round for our second 1-2-1 session with Chip today to help with his leash reactivity. I would highly recommend Suppawt Dog Training for anyone looking for some help with their dog. Dan really takes the time to support and work at your dogs pace even when in the 1st visit he was barked at for about 15 mins straight . Dan joined Chip and I on a 1-2-1 walk today 3 weeks after our 1st session and we have really started to see the benefit of our training plan. We still have a way to go with Chip not reacting to everything but he met 2 other little dogs today and the improvements are coming and Walks with Chip are much more enjoyable compared to a few months ago. I look forward to joining the Suppawt Team for some supervised group walks in August with Chip to continue his socialising. Highly recommended for anyone worrying their dog may always be reactive. Thanks for your help Dan

Chris Wiseman

Took our beautiful boy on a supervised walk with Dan this morning. Kai was overexcited, this was all due to the new surroundings and Seeing other furry friends. Kai is really difficult to control when this happens. Dan’s knowledge and tips on how to calm Kai down helped Kai so he could be included in the group walk.When we got to the end of the walk Kai had made friends with Luca and had figured out his relationships with the other three dogs.I will be doing another walk to get Kai used to seeing other dogs and to socialise him. I don't want to have t constant battles I have at the moment.

Kerry Goddard

Dan has been helping us with our Lockdown puppy Arlo. He helped us see Arlo's reactivity in a new light and taught us some games to play with him that will help Arlo stay calmer in exciting situations. Dan was really patient and gave us lots of time - I definitely didn't feel rushed! After our 121 session we got a copy of Dan's assessment of Arlo along with his training plan and explanation of the games and some extra reading about trigger stacking (and lots more ) - this was great as there was a lot to take in at the time so It was helpful to be able to look back over everything. Arlo is responding well to the games and although we all have lots to work on, the games have already proven so useful. we have faced situations already where Arlo would normally get way too excited and we were able to keep his levels much lower enabling him to walk calmly past cows, cats and dogs!

Suzo Close

Have been on a number of the supervised Norwich walks now and the progress my dog Bella has made on these walks has been incredible. The support we’ve received whilst on these walks has been amazing as well and given both me and her the confidence boost we needed to face some of her issues! I always look forward to the next walk and will definitely be bringing her along to many more walks! Thanks for all your support so far!

Charlotte Warman

Took my 6 month old cocker spaniel to their gundog socialisation session - and to say I was nervous was an understatement. Because of lockdown, Merlin hasn’t met many other dogs aside from my Rhodesian, and she’s not big on playing, so I was worried about how he’d behave. It was AMAZING! Controlled fun, toys, a pond to get nice and muddy in, and a big field for the dogs to all run around and play in. The trainer was there to step in if needed (it wasn’t) I loved it - and Merlin loved it even more - we’ll Definitley be back!

Alexandria Vineyard

Thank you so much for a really great Puppy and Life Skills course. We enjoyed every week and it's a shame it had to end. It's good how the course suits dogs of all ages, with the older dogs getting the hang of things quicker then getting a moment to watch the puppies learning too. For Gemma, the environment was so beneficial for her to be around different people and dogs and getting really close to them too. You make a great team and come across in a really kind and supportive way to both dogs and humans!

Zoe Wright