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Lily dog behaviourist


Founder and Behaviourist

My journey first started when studying a degree in Animal Behaviour. Alongside my studies I shadowed and began to teach at a local dog training club, learning loads of valuable skills and insight.

Following my achievement of a BSc Hons, I began working at the National Animal Welfare Trust, as the Dog Trainer and Behaviour Coordinator. This was an amazing role which taught me so much about not only rescue dogs but working effectively with people.

From here I began this company, specialising in the reactive and rescue dogs that other trainers didn't seem to be able to/want to help. To ensure my knowledge level I joined and was accessed by multiple organisations.

I've been training with Lily now for about 6 months on a 121 basis and I always learn something new each time. She stands out for me because she seems to genuinely understand Luna, what gets her overexcited and frustrated and what training strategies work best to set her up for success. Since training with Lily I feel like I'm better able to connect with Luna and more inclined to have patience when training. My confidence as a handler has grown as a result. I would highly recommend Lily to anyone who wants to build a good relationship with their dog and have some fun in the process.

Tess Torjussen

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dan trainer


Dog Trainer

After a sporting accident, during his time off formal work, Daniel volunteered with reactive and nervous rescue dogs at Pact animal sanctuary. This is where his passion for helping build confidence and the training of reactive and anxious dogs blossomed. After spending time with many varying characters and learning the histories of the dogs, he’d like to share his hands on experience to assist others creating forever lasting companionship with their four legged friends.

We had Dan round for our second 1-2-1 session with Chip today to help with his leash reactivity. I would highly recommend Suppawt Dog Training for anyone looking for some help with their dog. Dan really takes the time to support and work at your dogs pace even when in the 1st visit he was barked at for about 15 mins straight . Dan joined Chip and I on a 1-2-1 walk today 3 weeks after our 1st session and we have really started to see the benefit of our training plan. We still have a way to go with Chip not reacting to everything but he met 2 other little dogs today and the improvements are coming and Walks with Chip are much more enjoyable compared to a few months ago. I look forward to joining the Suppawt Team for some supervised group walks in August with Chip to continue his socialising. Highly recommended for anyone worrying their dog may always be reactive. Thanks for your help Dan

Chris Wiseman

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Qualifications and training

Passed the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Instructors Course - Advanced

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