Training and Behaviour Modification

There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to behaviour modification. It takes time, dedication and effort. Always consider how far you are willing to go to make the necessary changes.

Enquire about personalised training plans to suit you!

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I currently run Life Skills classes in Shepreth and Therfield and provide 121 sessions in Royston, around the South of Cambridge and North of Hertfordshire.

Loose Lead Walking

Life Skills Classes


One to One Sessions


Supervised Dog Walks


Life Skills Classes

Level 1- Trust Award

Concentrating on life skills and socialisation, perfect for rescue dogs but caters for all canines. I can help you build focus, trust and confidence with your dog. I am here to help you learn how to effectively communicate and build a relationship in a safe and encouraging environment. Many dogs can struggle adapting to a new life and different environments, I will teach you how to make these events positive to help build you and your dogs confidence.

The next courses are starting:      Thursday 22nd February at 7:45 pm (Shepreth Village Hall) 

 Please note reactive and nervous dogs do attend these classes. If the dog is struggling to learn in a class setting, the remainder classes may be swapped for a One to One training session.

Cost: £75 for a 6 week course of 1 hour per week + a treat bag and clicker


​ One to One Session

Specifically for behaviour problems or issues, which may take more understanding or work. You will receive a complete breakdown of behaviour and training advice, along with ongoing help and support as long as it is needed. Can be located at the clients house, training venue or the place in which behaviour modification needs to be undertaken.

Please note the initial session concentrates on gathering sufficient information to aid behaviour modification. I will help give you the skills and tools to implement your training plan, but you need to be willing to put the work in!

Cost: £60 for an approximately 90 minute session (Mileage may be added)

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Supervised Dog walk

1 hour supervised group walk with fun and understanding people. Unsure of what your dog is trying to tell you? Not sure what to do next? Just need a confidence boost?  We will play to each dogs strengths, can be on or off lead depending on the dog but not exclusively one or the other. Muzzled dogs welcome. Feel free to use this as a training walk but please note I have to split my time between each attendee. Please leave your dogs in the car until introductions are done.

Walks are organised as events on the Facebook page: Suppawt

Cost: £10

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The Puppy Planning Package (PPP)

Buying a Puppy

Not sure where to start? I can help you choose a breeder, pick the right puppy and get off to a fantastic start as soon as you bring your new family member home. House train quickly and easily, teach basic manners and how to settle in their new home.


Selling a Puppy:

Make your puppies the most wanted around. With my help you puppies will be toilet trained, socialized to people, desensitized to handling, know what they are allowed to chew on and have basic manners before they are sold at 8 weeks of age.



Workshops and Offers

Come Back! - Recall Workshop- 3rd March at 12:30

 Do you worry about letting your dog off lead? Do you wish you could give your dog more freedom? 
Learn the skills and activities needed to teach your dog a fast and reliable recall in this 1 hour workshop.
Refreshments provided. 6 Places available. £15

Dog Tricks Workshop - 17th March at 12:30

Do you want to build your relationship with your dog? Keep their brain active? Learn some new party tricks? You can do it all in this 1 hour workshop. Refreshments provided. £15

The Comprehensive Canine Companion Training Program (CCC): £300

Perfect in supporting you to build a well balanced dog, perfect for your life style. Includes an initial behaviour assessment, followed by a realistic training plan. Three One to One training sessions are given to help implement the plan and ongoing support to trouble shoot any problems.  

Quickstart Bundle: £110

Includes an initial One to One session. A realistic training plan and behavioural report. Support via email and a follow up One to One session, approximately 2 weeks later.  

Boost Bundle: £120

Waiting for a class place? Start with a One to One session to get you going before joining the next available class place.

Payment is needed to confirm your session. 

Refunds are only offered with 48 hours notice of cancellation and only legitimate reasons for late cancellation will be considered for a refund.