Skill Awards

Not able to make classes? Practice these skill awards in your own home. Video your finished behaviours and send them through to Facebook or via email with your £10 submission fee. Once your dog has passed you will receive your certificate through the post!

Each behaviour must be positively trained, demonstrated twice on cue and without a food lure. You must complete each level before moving on to the next.

Not sure how to train these behaviours? It is all laid out step by step in my book Here to Stay- Training Your Rescue Dog

Examples: Mild distraction - people, dogs or animals at a distance. Significant distraction - people, dogs or animals in close proximity.

Jasper Paw

Level 1 - Trust Award


Level 2 - Confidence Award

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Level 3 - Loyalty Award

Trust Award

1. Greeting: Dog can walk up to and greet a person appropriately with minimal prompting.

2. LLW: 1-2 Minutes of loose lead walking, if the dog pulls appropriate steps are taken by the owner.

3. Recall: Dog returns directly to owner with enthusiasm and mild distractions present.

4. Stay: Dog can stay in a sit or down for 20 seconds with owner 2 meters away. Owner goes back to dog to reward.

5. Wait: Dog waits whilst owner opens and steps through a door.

6. Formal Handling: Dog tolerates formal handling of eyes, ears, mouth, feet, tummy and tail without protest.

7. Give/Thank you: Dog can give up an object or toy on cue.

8. Leave (never going to have it): Dog can leave a treat or object on the floor when asked to do so.

9. Hand target: Dog can touch their nose to your hand on cue in a variety of positions.

10. Bed/mat: Dog can go to their bed/mat on cue with the owner 3 meters away.

11. Confidence: Dog can stand on a moving object with confidence.

Confidence Award

1. Attention: Dog stays under control and responsive during off lead work.

2. Greeting: Dog can greet a person appropriately with NO prompting from the owner.

3. LLW: 3 minutes of loose lead walking with distractions.

4. Recall: Dog returns directly to owner without hesitation with significant distractions.

5. Stay: Dog can stay in sit for 30 seconds and a down for 30 seconds, 3 meters away from owner with mild distractions.

6. Wait: Dog can wait whilst a toy is rolled away from them before releasing them on cue.

7. Handling: Dog tolerates formal handling of eyes, ears, mouth, feet, tummy and tail without protest from another person.

8. Play manners: Dog can wait patiently without snatching at the toy until released and will give up the toy on cue.

9. Leave: Dog can walk past a variety of items on the floor and will leave when asked.

10. Chin Target: Dog can rest chin their chin on their owners hand for 10 seconds.

11. Tricks: Show off 3 fun tricks you have taught your dog.

Loyalty Award

1. Distance Work: Dog can sit, down, stand and do 1 trick from 5m away.

2. Stay: Dog can stay in position, with owner 5m away and another dog running past.

3. Walk, Wait, Recall: Dog can walk at heel off lead, wait on cue as owner continues for 10 steps and recall back to heel.

4. Target: Dog can transfer the ‘Target’ cue onto 3 objects.

5. Formal Handling: Your dog will allow their nails to be clipped.

6. Muzzle up: Dog will voluntarily put their nose into a muzzle and wait for 5 seconds.

7. Wait: Your dog can sit patiently whilst their collar and lead is put on and off.

8. LLW: Whilst loose lead walking your dog can weave through stationary dogs whilst focusing on you.

9. Tricks: You dog can perform 5 tricks linked together, only being rewarded at the end of the sequence.

10. Recall: Dog returns directly to owner when called in a high distraction environment.

11. Leave: Your dog will leave a food treat placed on their paws.