Norfolk and Norwich dog training

Dan offers dog training across Norwich and Norfolk.

Mileage may apply (45p/mile) depending on trainer's location. We can also work outside the highlighted areas.


Puppy Classes

£80for a course of seven classes

These classes focus on socialisation, learning to relate appropriately to people and animals. We ensure your puppy will have as many pleasant encounters as possible and become used to a wide range of events, environments and situations.

Life Skills Classes

£80for a course of seven classes

Perfect for rescue dogs and beginners, but caters for all canines. We help you build focus, trust, and confidence with your dog and learn to effectively communicate in a safe and encouraging environment.

One to one sessions


3 sessions for £200 / 5 sessions for £320 / or 10 sessions for £600

Specifically for behaviour problems or issues, which may take more understanding or work. You will receive a complete breakdown of behaviour and training advice to follow at home, along with ongoing help and support.

Emergency Assessment

£110for a one hour session

If you need urgent support, we’re here for you. These sessions can be made available at short notice in cases which pose a risk to you and your dog.


Supervised walk

£10for a 45 minute walk

An onlead group walk with other understanding people working on similar issues. In particular, we focus on excitement, reactivity, focus and confidence building, playing to each dog’s strengths.


£10for 50 minutes

Come along and enjoy controlled socialisation in a fully enclosed field with like-minded dog owners. These experiences are run and monitored by a fully qualified trainer who will assess each dog's needs and behaviour, to ensure the dynamic of the group works.




✔ 7 week set of classes ✔ Pack of 3 121 training sessions ✔ 2 supervised walks



✔ 7 weeks set of classes ✔ Pack of 5 121 training sessions ✔ 4 supervised walks



✔ 7 weeks set of classes ✔ Pack of 10 121 training sessions ✔ 6 supervised walks

Puppy Package


✔ 121 training in home or out and about ✔ Personalised training plan ✔ 2 Suppawted walks ✔ 3 preschool sessions ✔ 7 week course of classes

Meet the Norfolk and Norwich team

dan trainer


Dog Trainer

After a sporting accident, during his time off formal work, Daniel volunteered with reactive and nervous rescue dogs at Pact animal sanctuary. This is where his passion for helping build confidence and the training of reactive and anxious dogs blossomed. After spending time with many varying characters and learning the histories of the dogs, he’d like to share his hands on experience to assist others creating forever lasting companionship with their four legged friends.

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