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Weekday £55

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6 week course £70

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3 sessions £150

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Your Trainer - Dan

After a sporting accident, during his time off formal work, Daniel volunteered with reactive and nervous rescue dogs at Pact animal sanctuary. This is where his passion for helping build confidence and the training of reactive and anxious dogs blossomed. After spending time with many varying characters and learning the histories of the dogs, he’d like to share his hands on experience to assist others creating forever lasting companionship with their four legged friends.


Smart Dog Training Working with Reactive Dogs Workshop

FlexiMed Canine First Aid Level 2

Reactive Rascals- Dog Training College

Separation Anxiety Workshop - Dog Training College. 6th May 2020

Children and Dogs Workshop - Dog Training College 20th May 2020.

Quantifying Reliability & Speed of Training - Dr Ian Dunbar in Assoc with DTC. 27th May 2020.

Help! my dog is scared of the vets - Toni Shelbourne in Assoc with DTC 1st June 2020

'How the Brain Affects Behaviour’ - Danielle Beck's in Assoc with DTC 10th June 2020

Susan G. Friedman's -'The Learning Planet’ in Assoc with DTC 17th June 2020.

Tellington TTouch Training; Calming the over aroused dog. In Assoc with DTC 24th June 2020.

Susan Garrett’s 5 Step Formula to Creating Awesome Behaviours - In Assoc with DTC 1st July 2020.

Raise your separation anxiety game. Jo-Rosie Haffenden - 3rd July 2020

Understanding Clicker Training - Linda Ryan In Assoc With DTC 7th July 2020.

‘Dog Tired’ Importance of sleep- Toni Shelbourne In Assoc With DTC 15th July 2020.

Snappy to Happy: Working with the Aggressive Dog Danielle Beck In Assoc With DTC 29th Aug 2020

Understanding back chaining in animal training. Linda Ryan - in Assoc with DTC 18th September 2020

Study and Practice of Canine Self Medication - Caroline Ingraham - December 2020

TROUBLESOME TEENS: surviving doggy adolescence Dr Amber Batson MRCVS ABTC February 2021

Laura Donaldson - Aggressive behaviour in dogs 18th April 2021

Improving behaviour by teaching your dog to make better choices -Irith Trietsch - 19th April 2021

Mantrailing the basics of training dogs to find people -Lisa Gorenflo - 21st April 2021

What it takes to create a reliable recall- Kayleigh Stangroom - 21st April 2021

Canine confidence - TTouch Taster Course -22nd April 2021

Why dogs guard and ways to prevent it - Eileen Koval - 23rd April 2021

How we are letting our dogs down on walks - Lisa Kerley -23rd of April 2021