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Puppy Skills Class

Concentrating on life skills and socialisation for your Puppy. I can help you build focus, trust and confidence with your Puppy leading to a well rounded family dog. I am here to help you learn how to effectively communicate and build a relationship in a safe and encouraging environment.

It is so important to seek out guidance as early on as possible when getting a puppy. The experiences and education you provide for your puppy will shape their future selves.

Socialisation is learning to relate appropriately to people and animals. It involves having as many pleasant encounters as possible and becoming used to a wide range of events, environments and situations. Quality over quantity is key. Dogs do not have to meet other dogs to be actively socialised. Classes offer socialisation through exposure to other dogs and learning to work around them whilst focusing on you. There will only be puppy play if the puppies are suitably matched.

Puppies accepted after vaccinations. Up to 8 months.