One-to-One sessions

Specifically for behaviour problems or issues, which may take more understanding or work. You will receive a complete breakdown of behaviour and training advice to follow at home, along with ongoing help and support.

Please note the initial session concentrates on gathering sufficient information to aid behaviour modification. We will help give you the skills and tools to implement your training plan, but you need to be willing to put the work in!

Location: At your home, our venue or agreed location

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

If you require a home visit and are outside a 10 mile radius, mileage will be added at 45p/mi

Contact me to book a session
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Training Classes

Suppawt offers a range of different classes and are a great way of building focus around distractions and other dogs. Classes are structured to be fun, useful and help you get into the routine of regular training with your dog. The class environment may not be suited to all dog's so if in doubt please contact us directly.

Hertfordshire Location: Kelshall, Royston SG8 9SP – For the Satnav type in Suppawt Dog Training

Duration: 45 minutes

Neuroscience tells us that the average human brain has an average attention span of around 40 minutes. We also know that dogs learn best in short bursts. As a result of this I will be changing my classes to 45 minutes long. This should not decrease the amount of learning but keep focus optimal and fatigue minimal.

Refunds- These are down to the discretion of the trainer and will only be given if there is a legitimate reason.

Life skills Class

Concentrating on life skills and socialisation, building focus, trust and confidence with you and your dog. I will teach you how to effectively communicate and build a relationship in a safe and encouraging environment. Read more

Puppy Skills Class

Teaching you and your puppy real life skills, working on building focus, trust and confidence to develop them into a well rounded family dog. Read more

Training for Parkour

Dog Parkour helps with confidence and overcoming fears, and it is a low impact but challenging activity for any canine athlete. Read more

Calm Canine- Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog bark, lunge or growl at other people or dogs? This 4 week course is for you. Read more

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Supervised walks

1 hour on-lead supervised group walk, with other understanding people working on similar issues. Excitement, reactivity, focus and confidence building, we will play to each dogs strengths. Muzzled dogs welcome. Feel free to use this as a training walk but please note we have to split time between each attendee. Please leave your dogs in the car until introductions are done.

Please note- You must ensure your walking equipment is secure and you are liable for your dogs behaviour.

Walks are organised as events on the Facebook page: Suppawt

Duration: 1 hour

Price: £10

Supervised Walk

Book online now to secure your place on the next walk.